SONAX is the market leader in Professional Detailing Products. With over 60 years of experience and class leading technology, SONAX products provide optimal results and consistency for paint correction and paint protection. SONAX professional series products are tailored to exceed the demands of commercial shops and manufacturers. SONAX also prides itself on manufacturing products that yield a high quality result with less product, less mess and a simpler application.

$34.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02233000
$109.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02369410
$54.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02783000
$64.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02423000

Professional Series

SONAX Car Wash Concentrate 5L

$69.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03145000

Professional Series

SONAX Fallout Cleaner 5L

$129.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 05135050
$22.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02421410

Professional Series

SONAX Profiline Leather Care 1L

$59.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02823000
$99.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02875000
$37.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02884050
$39.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02703000

Professional Series

SONAX Clear Glass 10L

$149.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03386000