In order for your car to look its best SONAX offers a range of products specially made for the surfaces found in car interiors. Car are produced with several different kinds of materials; vinyl, leather, alcantara, fabric, hard plastics and upholstery. Each of these materials requires careful attention and so SONAX has synthesized cleaners, conditioners, solutions and protectants to decontaminate and reinvigorate the surfaces inside your vehicle.
Products like Leather Care Foam help you clean and recondition leather seats and trim. Other products like Multistar are used to clean and decontaminate plastic and vinyl surfaces all around your car. To protect these surfaces, products like Dashboard cleaner help guard against UV damage. When alcantara and suede surfaces get dull and greasy, use Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner to restore them to their original condition. Cleaning glass surfaces and screens is a breeze with Glass Cleaner, this product leaves a streak free finish and is safe on tinted windows. These products and many more are available at SONAX.

$19.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02893000
$11.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03382410
$16.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02212410
$14.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02051410
$59.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02823000
$44.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02054050
$16.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03384000
$34.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02703000

Interior Care

SONAX Clear Glass 10L

$99.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03386000
$119.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 06276000
$89.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 09990610
$139.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02055000
$29.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 06274050
$199.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 02819410
$729.99 CAD$ (Excl. Tax) SKU: 03219000